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See Data Change as You Move

Manipulate and transform data with lightning-fast dev velocity to see your data change throughout your development cycles, for effortless maintenance, streamlined debugging, and unparalleled risk avoidance.

Observe At Every Step

Achieve event-level visualization across all of your pipelines to pinpoint and troubleshoot issues before they arise using in-depth metrics and built-in auto-rectification that instantly flags and eliminates data anomalies.

Build a Future-Proof Data Process

Stay one step ahead with a streaming-ready data solution. Reduce transition complications whether working with batch, data in motion or both to create seamless, unhindered real-time data pipelines offering immediate data delivery and insights.

Leverage Real-Time Technologies

Create and automate customizable event-based processes to streamline operations no matter how complex by taking advantage of a real-time, scalable, adaptable solution for both streaming or batch operations leveraging Apache Kafka™ and Kubernetes™.